Class Descriptions

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Fun With Friends Four Pack

Make music with your friends! Each week, we'll sing and dance together for twenty five to thirty minutes, keeping the music going, keeping our community connected, and keeping those kiddos smiling! Some things to note:

  • Who should host? Whoever's yard has enough space for a minimum of four families and the instructor to gather while socially distanced. 
  • There is ZERO contact between us and your family. We understand that you may have been "bubbling" together for a while, but our instructor will remain socially distanced throughout the class. We don't come inside your home. We can gather in the front yard, driveway, or backyard, but must maintain a minimum distance of six feet. What you and your friends choose to do is up to you. We won't bring instruments or props to share. Each family can bring their favorites and we'll all jam together. Shakers, sticks, scarves, drums, ukuleles- whatever you have is welcome!
  • Initial booking price for four classes is $125 per family with a minimum of four families. Should another family want to join for $125, we will work with them directly to send request for payment.
  • If your children come up to us, we will stand up and give you time and space to scoop them up. Thank you for committing to working with us to have fun while keeping everyone safe. 
  • Homes more than four miles from central Hinsdale or Downers Grove will be subject to an additional feel and confirmed only when scheduling allows. Please call first to confirm.